TV streaming: can legislation ever keep pace?


TV streaming: can legislation ever keep pace?

As the way we watch television changes, legislation that was designed for a pre-Internet world can struggle to keep up. TB&I investigates.

The way we watch television is changing. Where once we gathered around a box at home in time to catch our favourite programmes, the Internet is now opening up a wealth of options. Taking advantage of TV on demand means we can go online and watch what we missed on channel services such BBC iPlayer and 4oD, and the UK-based TVCatchup lets you watch (almost) live television on your computer or phone.

In the US, streaming service Aereo allows subscribers to record satellite broadcasts from their phones or tablets, watch live shows on the move and enjoy their favourite programmes on their laptop when they get home.

It’s a model that’s really catching on—from its base in New York, Aereo is rapidly expanding eastward across the US, most recently announcing it will be setting up in Miami, Houston and Dallas.

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