The Unified Patent Court: expect the unexpected


Leythem Wall

The Unified Patent Court: expect the unexpected

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After many stumbling blocks, it appears as if the Unified Patent Court will finally materialise, but Leythem Wall of Oxon IP explains that more surprises could be in store.

We’ve been here before. More than once. The Unified Patent Court (UPC) is coming. Or is it?

Earlier this month Germany published its legislation for ratification of the UPC Agreement. According to Article 89 of the UPC Agreement, all that remains now for the UPC to legally come into force is the deposit of Germany’s instrument of ratification with the General Secretariat of the European Union (EU) Council.

Italy, which will replace the UK as one of “the [mandatory] three member states”, and France (along with more than ten other EU states) have already ratified the agreement.

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