New gTLDs: the law of the few


Stuart Fuller

New gTLDs: the law of the few

Stuart Fuller takes a look at the new gTLDs that companies are most concerned about, and analyses what’s driving particular spaces to prominence.

At the time of writing, approximately two months into the launch phase, we are still waiting for something to ignite the passions within brand owners’ hearts. In The Tipping Point, published in 2000, Malcolm Gladwell analysed those moments when a critical mass or boiling point is reached that leads to a viral effect.

While his examples included the fall in crime in New York City in the 1990s and the rise in popularity of Hush Puppies shoes, his views and analysis on the new gTLD programme would be very interesting indeed.

In his book Gladwell expanded on the theory of the ‘law of the few’, which is based on the principles of Pareto, where 80 percent of the effects will be produced by 20 percent of the causes. Gladwell, applying this to people, used a number of examples to prove this law, but it doesn’t take a man of his intellect to see that the law of the few will rule in the new world of gTLDs.

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