The IP court of Russia in action


Riikka Palmos

The first specialised IP rights court has been operating for almost a year in Russia. Altogether, nearly 600 cases had been filed by the end of March 2014.

Trademark owners and practitioners alike are curious to learn how the IP Court has succeeded in its task to create uniform practice in IP matters and how effectively the IP Court has managed to operate.

In 2011, Russia unexpectedly showed its commitment to IP protection by introducing a specialised IP Court. The relevant legislative changes were adopted in December 2011 and the IP Court was officially formed in February 2013. The IP Court started to operate at the beginning of July 2013.

The creation of the IP Court has been a positive improvement in the field, especially as the knowledge and experience of the Russian civil and commercial courts in IP matters had been more or less questionable. From day one, the IP Court had a special role in the Russian court system as it has a twofold role in IP matters, which is something new in the Russian court system.

trademark protection, Rospatent, copyright