Technology transfer: taking a creative approach


Robin Rasor

With the economic crisis continuing to affect universities in diverse ways, technology transfer professionals are getting creative. AUTM president Robin Rasor explains.

The term ‘technology transfer professional’ includes myriad professionals in academia and industry who are responsible for managing the assessment, protection, marketing and transfer of scientific findings from one organisation to another, for the purpose of further product development and commercialisation.

We have law degrees, graduate degrees in a wide variety of sciences and engineering, or MBAs, and we work in offices as varied as our institutions are diverse, but we have one common goal: to ensure the successful transfer of technologies developed in university laboratories to commercial entities, so that they reach the public as new products and processes across all disciplines and industries.

As president of the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM), the largest association of technology transfer professionals in the world, I’ve watched (and participated in my own office) with great interest as the effects of the world economic downturn on our profession have unfolded. This is an exciting and challenging time for academic technology transfer.

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