Taking action against fakes


Lilie Delion

Peru’s economic growth in the last decade has been accompanied by a concurrent increase in the activity of the Peruvian Patent and Trademark Office (INDECOPI) and Peruvian Customs.

Recently, they have taken action on trademark infringements in record time.

Last year, Taiwan’s Chi Yong Trading, a manufacturer and merchant of yarn, textiles and clothes, filed an infringement action over its trademark ASATEX (Application No. 395052). It claimed that its rights were being infringed by the high volume of counterfeit sewing thread being imported under the ASATEX mark.

On July 21, 2009, a Peruvian company, Dolphins EIRL, imported about three tons of thread. Two days later, the infringement action was filed at INDECOPI. The response was instantaneous, and INDECOPI officers stopped the counterfeit merchandise at customs the same day, seizing huge numbers of products, which were taken from customs and stored.

INDECOPI, trademark infringement