Tackling the last taboo: disability in law


Debbie Foster

Tackling the last taboo: disability in law

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A report from Cardiff Business School, released earlier this year, thrust into the spotlight a culture of hostility and discrimination for disabled people in the legal profession. Debbie Foster, co-author of the report, tells us more.

In January a report from Cardiff Business School, “Legally Disabled? The career experiences of disabled people working in the legal profession”, hit the headlines, proclaiming that disabled lawyers face both overt and unconscious bias on a daily basis.

According to the report, more than half of the solicitors and paralegals interviewed believe their career and promotion prospects are inferior to those of non-disabled colleagues, and a significant proportion of disabled people have experienced forms of disability-related ill-treatment, bullying, or discrimination.

WIPR spoke to Debbie Foster, the professor at Cardiff University Business School who co-authored the research, to find out more.

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