Snapshot: Wefunder


Snapshot: Wefunder

Wefunder is a US-based crowd funding platform that brings together start-ups with bright ideas and investors looking to make a profit. TB&I talks to co-founder Mike Norman about the business.

What makes you different from other crowd funding platforms?

We believe the investment process is just the start of the relationship that investors have with the companies they support. Individuals are going to invest in companies they are really passionate about and then they want them to succeed. We provide an entire platform on the back end that helps entrepreneurs to activate several hundred investors, to recruit staff, or to launch a new product, or test a new product idea.

This is not just a day trader placing a bet on a horse and hoping it wins—these are people who are passionate about investing in an entrepreneur and helping them succeed. And it’s really an experience as much as it is a financial investment. What we have found when we have talked to financial investors is that they do want to see a financial return—that is important—but what they love about the investment process is the ability to help a company succeed and assist the entrepreneur. Those motivations are such a key part of what we are building towards. We are trying to make an experience for investors, more than just another asset class they can invest in.

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