Rolex: is the trademark world its Oyster?


Sarah Speight

Rolex: is the trademark world its Oyster?

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The luxury brand is accusing a British clockmaker of infringing its long-established ‘Oyster’ wristwatch range amid what appears to be a wave of litigation from Rolex, finds Sarah Speight.

Hot on the heels of a trademark loss against a Nordic fashion brand over a crown logo, luxury watchmaker Rolex has found a new target: a family business based in England that sells children’s educational clocks.

Oyster & Pop, set up by two sisters during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns, makes wall clocks designed to help children learn to tell the time. The products, which retail at around £20 each ($25), clearly display the company’s name.

Rolex, having claimed the name ‘Oyster’ as its own for its decades-old range of wristwatches, is taking aim.

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