Q&A: Karineh Khachatourian, KXT Law


Sarah Speight

Q&A: Karineh Khachatourian, KXT Law

Veteran IP attorney and the daughter of a professional boxer, Karineh Khachatourian, has co-founded a boutique IP firm in Silicon Valley to ‘blaze a trail’ in a post-pandemic legal landscape.

Karineh Khachatourian is the ‘K’ in KXT Law, a new boutique IP commercial litigation firm based in Silicon Valley.

Khachatourian and fellow IP attorneys David Xue and Amir Tabarrok launched the firm this week (July 11) in Redwood, California.

The name KXT—which uses the first letters of their respective surnames—breaks convention with the typical approach to naming firms, and reflects their view that “a stagnant, traditional approach to law no longer meets the needs of clients and attorneys alike”.

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