Patrix: managing the load


Behdad Assadi

Patrix: managing the load

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Behdad Assadi, senior partner at Valea, describes how useful Patricia® document management software is to his company.

What services does Valea provide, and where?

We are a Sweden-based IP firm, working with national as well as international clients, offering comprehensive services in the entire IP field: patents, designs, trademarks and related areas.

How long have you been in business?

The roots of our company date back all the way to 1894, and we’ve been known as Valea for ten years now.

You and Patrix go way back. How long have you been a Patricia® user?

Yes, we have been working closely together with the people at Patrix for a very long time now. And we’ve been using Patricia® from the very first version of the software.

How do you use Patricia® in your daily business?

We use Patricia® for every aspect of our case and document management: accessing data, tracking due dates, task assignment and so on. We’re also using, or planning to use, most of the other software Patrix has to offer.

Which aspects of Patricia® do you find most useful?

All aspects concerning case management. Since last year, all our archives are digital and having a software that can handle this is very important to us.

What are your views on Patrix and its staff?

We have a great relationship. Patrix’s staff do a great job.

Do you feel that you have received an adequate return on your investment? Has Patricia® perhaps assisted with bottom line profits?

Although it’s not that easily measured, we believe that investing in Patricia® has certainly paid off.

Has Valea’s success been assisted by your use of Patricia® and Patrix services?

Yes, in fact, we’ve just recently acquired a new assignment from a very large client, where working with Patricia® was one of the requirements.

Have you found your use of Patricia® to be easily scalable with the growth of your business?

Yes, we haven’t had any problems scaling up. We have gone from 35 to 120 user licences in the last ten years.

"In the past we have looked at several other products, but so far we haven’t found anything that works better than Patricia®."

Do you think you might have required more staff to accommodate your growth without Patricia®?

Most probably, yes. Having one system for all our offices makes us much more efficient.

Would you currently swap Patricia® and Patrix for any other product/supplier you know of?

No. In the past we have looked at several other products, but so far we haven’t found anything that works better than Patricia®.

What are Valea’s plans for the future?

We plan to keep growing, of course. And, with the current trend of corporations outsourcing their IP management to external partners such as us, we believe we have both the capacity and the best digital tools to do so.

Behdad Assadi is a senior partner at Valea. He can be contacted at:

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