Patenting drugs in Mexico: innovative or generics?


Xavier Hadad

Patenting drugs in Mexico: innovative or generics?

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Two of Mexico’s authorities manage the patent-MA process for patenting drugs, but it is not always a simple matter, as Xavier Hadad reports.

Over the course of time, and in an increasingly globalised world, the pharmaceutical industry has gained strength and a stronger identity because it integrates two main functions in its structure: ensuring the health of the population in each state or country, and protecting and maximising scientific and technological developments to justify the introduction of a medicine to the population.

Ensuring the fundamental rights of inventors to recover the money and time invested in research to invent new products through patents is also necessary. Even so, there have been several problems for companies known to be innovative and the ones that are known for their generic medicines.

Additionally, there is a regulatory process in each country that does not always go hand in hand with the patent system, which makes it necessary to seek amendments to local laws to achieve a safe and effective governance system.

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