Patent Workbench: a nail gun, not a hammer


A new productivity tool promises to make managing reviews of a US patent file’s history a painless, efficient process. WIPR takes a look at Patent Workbench®.

Reviewing a file history is often a time-consuming, exhausting and resource-intensive process. Even if you’re dealing with a single patent, you still need to trawl back through the office actions, look at the subtle differences in wording of the various filings or revisions, and then make a judgement on its worth.

With Patent Workbench, Landon IP thinks it has the answer. David Hunt, chief executive of the company, says the product provides “an entirely new way” of looking at patent file histories. “Patent Workbench provides a patent practitioner with a high quality copy of the file history, but also dramatically improves productivity by offering enhanced navigation tools, making it easy to compare and analyse claims, and providing advanced search tools.”

Patent Workbench saves companies and attorneys a lot of time, but it also increases accuracy. One outside counsel recently said, “It gives me comfort that I have fully reviewed the file history prior to drafting an opinion. I don’t have the same confidence that every detail has been uncovered and reviewed when it is reviewed without the help of Patent Workbench.”

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