News Analysis: Huawei in the crosschairs


News Analysis: Huawei in the crosschairs

Martina Badini /

As one of China’s leading companies, blows dealt to Huawei are felt across the country, and at the moment, the punches are raining down thick and fast on what is perhaps the world’s most controversial company. WIPR reports.

While most in the ultra-competitive telecoms industry battle with each other, China-based Huawei is also fighting on many other fronts. Along with denying US criminal charges, the embattled company is trying to stay in the race to become a 5G leader across the globe.

What happens to Huawei matters a great deal to China. The company plays a key role in China’s vision of moving away from being ‘the world’s factory’ and becoming a powerhouse of innovation.

Thomas Adam, partner at Peterreins Schley in Germany, says: “Huawei plays a huge role in China’s quest to transform the country. It’s the poster-child of high-tech success for China.” 

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