Metaverse and NFTs: 2023 checklist for brand owners


Nick Aries

Metaverse and NFTs: 2023 checklist for brand owners

Jackie Niam /

A trio of cases in the US, two in Europe, plus the results of consultations, will mean a busy year for digital goods, says Nick Aries of Bird & Bird.

If 2022 was the year the IP profession woke up to the metaverse and NFTs, then 2023 will be when practitioners really need to get to grips with these technologies. We’ll see brands looking for guidance as they build on their initial forays into this field.

We’ll see new forms of brand misuse as the technologies become more established. And we’ll see decisions being handed down in disputes that were kicked off last year, shaping the direction of brand protection and enforcement strategies to come.

What metaverse?

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