Marques conference, Hotel Grand Dino, Baveno


On the banks of the beautiful Lake Maggiore, those delegates who could tear themselves away from the sunshine enjoyed a challenging and stimulating conference programme.

Day one kicked off with an interesting address from Marques Council president, Nunzia Varricchio, followed by a word from the director general in charge of anti-counterfeiting at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office. She highlighted that despite the troubling economic climate in Italy, trademark applications have grown, while a government innovation package worth €89 million will help companies protect their assets aboard.

The highlight of the first day was a presentation by Francesco Morace, president of Future Concept Lab, a marketing and consumer research institute in Italy.

He spoke on the changing paradigms of consumption, and set out his vision for how brands will need to change their thinking in order to thrive in the future. Indeed, in our “post-opulence” world, he said, “brands are no longer the paradigms.” Rather, values of sustainability, sharing, body care, time and space and the central role of food are becoming the new cultural paradigm. “Lifestyles are over,” he said. “Life occasions” are key.

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