Turkey - making strides in IP


Turkey - making strides in IP

Turkey is emerging as one of the world’s key economies. Its location, strong economy and emerging middle class make it an attractive market for international companies. But there are obstacles to this success as well, especially when it comes to IP. WIPR reports.

Turkey’s location gives it a unique advantage. Straddling the continents and the cultures of Europe and Asia, it sits at the centre of a circle that would encompass India, the UK, north Africa, western China and Russia within a few hours’ flying. Land borders into Europe and the Middle East couple with sea routes out to Spain and the Atlantic to provide an enviable position for trade with most of the globe.

But while that provides all sorts of opportunities for Turkish businesses, it also brings difficulties. Stopping the traffic of counterfeit goods into the country is one challenge, but so too is the question of what Turkey can do about counterfeit goods in transit en route to a different destination.

In this country focus, we look at some key issues in Turkey at the moment. When German company Technisat signed a non-exclusive agreement with Turkish company Sigma, no-one would have predicted that the outcome would be a decade of litigation after Sigma registered one of Technisat’s brands in its own name.

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