Keeping an eye on domain name trends


Jean Guillon

Keeping an eye on domain name trends

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Jean Guillon, chief executive at gTLD consultancy service Jovenet Consulting, provides a snapshot of the uptake—or not—of new gTLDs. This week, he focuses on new gTLDs related to the finance industry.

New domain name extensions related to the finance industry are among the most represented in the ICANN new generic top-level domain (gTLD) programme.

There are now domain names for the finance industry: instead of ending in ‘.com’, they can now end in terms such as ‘.finance’, ‘.fund’ or ‘.capital’.

More than 60 of them are currently registered: some are generic domain name extensions such as ‘.bank’, ‘.bet’ or ‘.exchange’; others include trademarks such as ‘.bnpparibas’, ‘.hsbc’ or ‘.axa’.

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