Inside the PCC: An interview with Colin Birss


Inside the PCC: An interview with Colin Birss

Patents County Court presiding judge Colin Birss spoke to WIPR about the success of the court that gives SMEs a fighting chance against the big guns in IP disputes.

The Patents County Court (PCC) was set up in the UK in 1990, but reformed in 2010 with new impetus behind it and a new procedure. Since then, it has begun the task of levelling the playing field for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) litigating their intellectual property.

With a two-day limit on trials and a cost order cap set at £50,000, the PCC offers smaller businesses a faster, more streamlined and less risky option for IP protection. We spoke to presiding judge Colin Birss about the court’s successes to date, and its future.

What was the rationale behind establishing the PCC?

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