Give your domain portfolio a .springclean


Give your domain portfolio a .springclean

With big changes afoot online, now may be the perfect time to take another look at your domain name portfolio, as Stuart Fuller explains.

At some point in the not-too-distant future, ICANN will start on the programme to revolutionise the Internet. I had hoped to say evolution rather than revolution in that first sentence, but recently the brakes have been put on the programme following concerns over the security and stability of the current Internet infrastructure, which may mean some significant changes to the way things work.

These changes will not be an evolution of what we have today, so my use of the red flag-waving ‘r’ word is deliberate. This further delay has not surprised the many brand holders who have experienced a number of false dawns in what is expected to be the biggest ever change to the way we use the Internet.

The current delays do, however, give brand holders an opportunity to catch their breath and assess their domain name strategies before we embark on a programme that may see up to 20 new domain name suffixes introduced every week over the next three years.

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