Employee inventions: renumerations and penalties


Rahul Vartak

Different jurisdictions have different penal provisions in their patent act along with rewards for employee inventors, as Rahul Vartak explains.

A patent is an exclusive right granted for disclosure of an invention. An inventor will disclose the new invention only if he is rewarded; otherwise he may work it secretly. In consideration of the grant of exclusivity for a limited period, the inventor discloses the details of the new invention.

However, individual inventors may not have the financial resources and the machinery to invent. Usually, large corporations employ technically empowered personnel to work and invent. Many countries have specific provisions in their national patent law for additional rewards to employee inventors for the patented invention over and above their salary. In this way, rewards percolate down the organisation to the employee inventor.

Other countries require the first filing of a patent application in the country where the inventor resides. Violation of this requirement may lead to penalties.

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