Does Brexit mean chaos for IP? Gordon Harris responds to backlash


Gordon Harris

Does Brexit mean chaos for IP? Gordon Harris responds to backlash

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In September, Gordon Harris of Gowling WLG said publicly that Brexit means chaos for IP, prompting a backlash from WIPR readers. Here he explains his reasoning for the comments and says he does not regret using the word “chaos”.

On September 19 at the 2016 AIPPI World Congress in Milan, I said—and have since been widely quoted—that “Brexit means chaos”. I went on to explain my reasoning, but that has not been so widely quoted. WIPR faithfully and accurately reported the remainder of my talk and then asked its readers whether they agreed with me.

It turns out that 78% did not agree, so was I completely wrong? Was I merely seeking publicity, as some asserted? Or might I have been right, and some people are indulging in that favourite Brexit-related pastime—wishful thinking?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines chaos as “complete disorder and confusion”. Chambers Dictionary talks of “the absence of order”. Is there any evidence of order in the state of planning during this interim period between the referendum and the actual act of leaving?

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