Copyright compliance in the life sciences industry


Kate Alzapiedi

Copyright compliance in the life sciences industry

Many researchers are unaware of the legalities when it comes to sharing and using copyrighted material, but licensing agreements can help, says Kate Alzapiedi of copyright licensing firm RightsDirect.

Now that the rapid exchange of scientific research and product information across international borders has become commonplace, rights holders and users of published material face an increasingly complex set of issues involving reuse rights, permissions, restrictions and fees.

Copyright laws vary from one country to the next, making the resulting mix of obligations difficult to reconcile and enforce, especially for global, research-driven organisations with employees working in different countries.

Research and information professionals in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries depend on the ability to disseminate important information quickly for a variety of reasons—to accelerate drug discovery, to keep physicians and patients informed, to communicate with government regulatory authorities and to monitor the safety of drugs in the pipeline and in the marketplace.

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