Copyright and Brexit: what lies ahead


Guy Wilmot

Copyright and Brexit: what lies ahead

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Brexit’s impact on copyright law may take several different shapes, and is likely to depend on the type of deal the UK government strikes with the EU, says Guy Wilmot of Russell-Cooke.

It seems to be a requirement that any article or comment on Brexit is required to state at the beginning that the UK has not left the EU yet and we don’t know what the likely outcome will be. It is also compulsory to add that the eventual deal made by the UK will dictate the outcome, and this article is no exception.

Many UK-based businesses rely on copyright to protect their interests internationally. The businesses which are particularly reliant on copyright protection include some of the UK’s stronger sectors, such as the creative industries and software and technology. How will the Brexit vote affect those businesses that rely on copyright protection?

There remain various options, but there are still a number of things we can say about what the impact might be.

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