Challenges in patenting quantum tech


Elizabeth Hynes

Challenges in patenting quantum tech

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The discovery of quantum technology was a path-breaking development. Elizabeth Hynes of NLO explores the history of the field and what patenting trends tell us about its future.

Quantum mechanics is a theory of sub-atomic particles including counter-intuitive concepts such potons and electrons being both waves and particles. Quantum mechanics was discovered between the end of the 19th and start of the 20th centuries and was touted as world-changing due to the enormous technological implications. However, owing to the dense theory and non-intuitive concepts, it is often forgotten how it has changed the landscape of technology.

New technology typically follows a path from the science laboratory to industrial manufacturing. During this process it is vital to patent at the right time.

As more applications relating to quantum technology are being filed it is interesting to see what the patent landscape can tell us, as well as to look at the process of patenting a quantum technology.

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