Career series: Alice Stephenson, Stephenson Law


Muireann Bolger

Career series: Alice Stephenson, Stephenson Law


Alice Stephenson tells WIPR about how being a homeless teenage mother and overcoming prejudice inspired her to make a difference in law.

Tell us about the course of your career.

On completing my legal practice course in 2009, I spent the next eight years working for a number of law firms, after which I founded my own firm, Stephenson Law. I was hell bent on defining a new way of approaching law and creating a firm that bridged the gap in a law firm's understanding of the challenges that clients face.

With that in mind, I founded a business that ditched legal jargon, archaic traditions, and outdated processes and, in doing so, created a place that felt like home.

Four years on and we’ve grown to more than 30 staff, all focused on innovating the world of law. This led to the launch of Flamenco, Stephenson Law’s sister business, a legal tech platform to offer accessible legal support to startups.

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