Brand value: What is a brand worth?


Sarah Morgan

Brand value: What is a brand worth?

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Intangible assets can be a company’s most valuable resource, but many businesses struggle to establish their brand’s true value, as WIPR’s Sarah Morgan discovers.

Apple has topped Forbes’ 2019 The World’s Most Valuable Brands list, with a brand value of $205.5 billion, followed by Google ($167.7 billion) and Microsoft ($125.5 billion). Amazon secured fourth. In rankings from UK brand valuation company Brand Finance, Amazon snatches the top spot.

The top brands in the world, ranked by their brand value, are named annually in global rankings. But every year there are inconsistencies and controversy. If a brand takes first place in one publication, why should it be ranked differently in another?

These inconsistencies reflect the difficulty of defining brand strength and value, and how to measure it. 

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