An interview with Benoît Battistelli, European Patent Organisation


Benoît Battistelli became the European patent office’s president in July, after a protracted election process. WIPR spoke to him about his initial tasks and future plans.

Europe encompasses approximately 10 million square kilometres. Cultural diversity is a certainty. The continent requires treaties and agreements to bridge the borders protecting national interests for the benefit of a wider aim.

The European Patent Convention, which was signed in 1973, provides for patent protection in the 37 European countries that are signatory to it. The European Patent Organisation was established four years later with a brief to establish a system of law common to these states for the granting of patents for inventions.

The European Patent Office (EPO), as the executive arm of the organisation, must implement the provisions of the convention to overcome the competing national interests of the member states that make up the Administrative Council, the EPO’s governing body.

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