China’s IP plan: ambitious and practical


George Chan, Ricky Xing, Judy Liu

China’s IP plan: ambitious and practical

The country’s latest five-year plan for patent and trademark examinations focuses on quality, explain George Chan, Ricky Xing, and Judy Liu of Simmons & Simmons Intellectual Property Agency.

The China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) released its Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for Patent and Trademark Examination (the “plan”) in January 2022. The plan outlines its work for 2021-2025, and aims to create greater alignment with the objectives of other higher-level government plans, such as the Outline of Construction of Competitive Intellectual Property State (2021-2035) and the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for the Protection and Utilization of Intellectual Property.

At the outset, the plan emphasises China’s transition from a country that relies on imported IP to a country that will create its own IP as needed. 

As a result, there will be a growing emphasis on improving the quality of domestically owned and created IP, so that it can compete with other counties by relying on its own high-value and high-quality IP.

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