Ageism in the multigenerational workforce


Sarah Speight

Ageism in the multigenerational workforce

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As the average lifespan and working age increases, more people are choosing to work past retirement—but is ageism an issue faced in the workplace? Sarah Speight investigates.

It is well known that we live in an ageing population, and according to a recent United Nations report, the percentage of people aged 65 years or above globally is projected to rise further from 10% in 2022 to 16% in 2050.

With higher life expectancy and the soaring cost of living, people now work well past retirement age, leading to possibly the broadest age range in workplaces seen in developed societies.

Meanwhile, ageism is described by the UN as “prevalent” around the world, affecting both younger and older people and with “far-reaching consequences for our economies and societies”.

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