A stylish direction: how IP can support ethical fashion


A stylish direction: how IP can support ethical fashion

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As the practices of fast fashion draw ire from climate campaigners ahead of Green Earth Day this month, IP can play a key role in promoting ethical apparel brands, as Danny Awdeh of Finnegan explains.

Consumers are increasingly likely to choose clothing and accessory brands based on environmental concerns.  A 2020 McKinsey study, “Consumer sentiment on sustainability in fashion”, shows two-thirds of surveyed consumers find limiting impacts on climate change important. 

For example, although companies like H&M maintain sustainability goals, some consumers nevertheless boycott all fast fashion because of its environmental impacts, particularly the volume of clothing produced and discarded.  

Younger consumers’ social activism also has contributed to the rise of the resale and rental markets.  For example, Burberry launched a rental and resale options in December 2021 through a partnership with My Wardrobe HQ. 

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