Dehns merges with Germany’s KGP


Alex Baldwin

Dehns merges with Germany’s KGP


Dehns has merged with German patent and trademark firm Kudlek Grunert & Partner (KGP).

The merger allows Dehns—one of the largest IP firms in Europe—to “significantly expand” its expertise and knowledge in several different technology and legal areas in which KGP specialises, as well as its German presence.

The merger allows Dehns to continue to provide trademark and design services before the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) as well as in the UK, according to a video announcing the merger posted by the firm.

The enlarged German team will focus on existing and new domestic German clients, providing KGP attorneys access to Dehns’ resources, knowledge and skills. The team will also serve global multinational clients, providing IP services across technology sectors.

Alex Piesold, senior partner at Dehns, said: “This significant development, along with our recent establishment of an office in Oslo, establishes Dehns firmly across Europe, in the UK, Germany and Norway.

“Our planning has been driven by the desire to continue to offer our clients, local and worldwide, a full IP service in Europe, and indeed expand that service. It gives me great pleasure that the discussions we have been having with our new colleagues have now come to fruition.”

Dehns and KGP have been sharing offices for more than 20 years and launched their first formal joint venture in 2013: Dehns Germany, launched with the key goal of expanding Dehns’ presence in the Asian market.

Thomas Kudlek, a founding partner of KGP, added: “This is all about meeting growing client requirements in the international context.

“Merging our firms will leverage the experience, depth and breadth of both firms, providing clients with increased access to constructive solutions. By coming together as one firm, we will be in a position to deliver outstanding value to our clients.”

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