IP Summit 2015: copyright reform, FRAND and more


Premier Cercle

IP Summit 2015: copyright reform, FRAND and more


Ahead of the IP Summit 2015 in Berlin, which takes place from December 3 to 4, 2015, conference organiser Premier Cercle provides a taste of what to expect at the event.

Join us in Berlin for the IP Summit 2015 to gain insights and updates from top legal experts and corporate companies. From December 3 to 4, the event will bring together more than 400 participants and 80 speakers from innovative companies worldwide to discuss the hottest topics in intellectual property.

The IP Summit will tackle issues such as the future of patent systems, trademark rights and enforcement, and copyright challenges. The programme presents five dedicated copyright workshops following the commitment by the European Commission led by Jean-Claude Juncker to make copyright reform one of its main priorities. Notably, the ‘digital single market’ strategy aims at positioning Europe as a world leader in the digital economy.

In a joint session, the topic of the ‘internet of things’ (IoT) will be addressed. Connected objects are beginning to change our daily lives in a way that once was unimaginable. However, these innovation opportunities brought by IoT are facing a path full of pitfalls and challenges. Quentin Sannié, chief executive of consumer electronics company Devialet and Thomas Buchholz from BSH Hausgeräte, a home appliances maker, will share experiences that illustrate how IoT is being effectively implemented in their businesses and provide insights for a brighter future.

On the evaluation of patent monetisation, IBM and Samsung will be among the businesses that will share with the audience the best strategies to make successful patent transactions.

On trademark rights Alan Park, senior legal counsel at the Scotch Whisky Association, will explain in his discussion with Benjamin Fontaine, chair of the European Communities Trade Mark Association committee on geographical indications (GIs), the importance of GIs in a dedicated panel.

“Protection of GIs, such as Scotch whisky, is not just about the protection of intellectual property—it is also about protecting cultural heritage and employment, particularly in rural areas. When consumers buy such products, they know are getting the best of their kind, traditionally produced to strict standards, and with unique characteristics associated with their origin,” Park told us.

On patents, companies including Ericsson, Intel and Nokia will examine the implications of competition rules on negotiating fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms.

On the evaluation of patent monetisation, IBM and Samsung will be among the businesses that will share with the audience the best strategies to make successful patent transactions.

The director of the German Patent and Trademark Office will give the opening speech on Thursday morning and she will most certainly confirm our findings that Germany plays a key IP role in Europe. Many other IP office directors will also attend the IP Summit to exchange their ideas about IP strategies.

The IP Summit will also present sessions such as “Site blocking acting against online intermediaries”, “The future of injunctive relief in Europe”, “The spillover effects of plain packaging”, “Domain names and the rollout of new gTLDs”, “What is the future of broadcasting?”, and “Industrial design protection: what are the most advanced evolutions?”.

Other sessions will provide a follow-up on key IP cases of the moment which relate to competition law, health standards, ethics, etc.

Attendees at the conference include the commission, the German Music Publishers’ Association, Intel, the Motion Picture Association, Philips, Richemont, and Samsung.

To sum up, the IP Summit Berlin will be once again a great occasion to gather international IP parties together to network and tackle the hottest IP issues in Europe. 

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