AIPPI 2015: The organiser looks ahead to the meeting


AIPPI 2015: The organiser looks ahead to the meeting

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What will be discussed at the AIPPI World Congress from October 10 to 14 and what can guests look forward to in Rio? WIPR spoke to Luiz Henrique Amaral, chair of the organising committee for AIPPI 2015, to find out more.

What are you most looking forward to about the meeting?

This will be the first meeting of the AIPPI World Congress under its new annual format. The congress used to meet every three years so there was a great challenge concerning whether the new setup would work.

With 1,500 participants confirmed and the largest attendance of corporate members ever, the meeting has achieved its objectives. There will be more than 400 participants from Europe, 400 from Latin America, 100 from the US, 90 from Germany, and 50 from Japan. The Brazilian Intellectual Property Association (ABPI) annual congress has been added to the AIPPI world congress, making the event very relevant to the Brazilian intellectual property community.

What topics are due to be discussed?

luiz-aippi.jpgAIPPI is always very keen to bring the most relevant cutting-edge topics to our congress. This year the number and relevance of the subjects is outstanding and includes talks on topics ranging from fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory patent enforcement disputes to plant variety protection in the biotechnology field.

The programme also includes talks on important topics including the protection of green technologies, industrial designs, non-traditional trademarks, inventor remuneration, liability of internet service providers, and much more.

What do you hope to achieve at the meeting?

The congress has been designed to maximise education and facilitate networking.

I hope that the participants will learn a lot about cutting-edge issues affecting IP rights around the globe. AIPPI also works through its committees to discuss new issues and make proposals for new harmonised laws and treaties that affect IP, thereby serving as a source of information on an international basis and formulating policies that would assist development.

AIPPI has also become a more relevant organisation for corporate members, who now have specific forums where the most relevant matters from the business community are presented and discussed.

Networking with other colleagues has become a fundamental aspect of the congress so that the IP community can mingle and start new business relationships.

I expect that the world congress meeting in Rio will meet these goals.

What is your favourite thing about AIPPI?

The chance to learn about the most relevant issues and being able to understand different views from all countries, discuss the future of the law and practice, and formulate proposals which may guide the harmonisation of laws.

I believe the congress is also a great opportunity for people to discuss these issues in a fruitful atmosphere with high-ranking colleagues from around the world and have fun meeting new professionals and friends.

What can Rio offer as a host city?

Rio should be a great venue and naturally has attracted great participation.

The city offers magnificent views and an exquisite experience. It is also where the most important research and developments centres in Brazil are located. The venue (the Windsor Barra Hotel & Congressos) is fully reserved just for AIPPI, which will considerably increase the networking opportunities.

The combination of a serious and deep study of IP issues and a relaxed atmosphere will allow participants to absorb knowledge and information but also enjoy the city’s tourist attractions.

We have organised social programmes in some of the most breath-taking areas of Rio and in the evenings participants will be able to appreciate Brazilian culture, food and music.  

What are the best things to do in Rio?

Rio is known for outdoor activities.

The congress venue and hotels are based in front of one of the best beaches (Barra da Tijuca). This enables participants to go for an early morning run, walk, surf or bike ride or simply to relax with a drink of coconut water, all in time for the start of the sessions.

In the evenings, the receptions and dinners will be at the famous Copacabana Palace with a real carnival ball, a party at the Maracanã Stadium and finally a gala dinner at the prestigious Jockey Club.

We will also arrange sightseeing tours to visit traditional sites including Christ the Redeemer statue, Sugarloaf Mountain, Ipanema and Leblon beaches, the historic downtown area, the artistic district of Santa Teresa, and more.

We hope you enjoy the AIPPI World Congress 2015. 

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