INTA's Ukraine TM: the power of symbolic IP gestures


Agnieszka Sztoldman

INTA's Ukraine TM: the power of symbolic IP gestures


As the war continues in Europe, the influence of IP during times of crisis and hardship should never be underestimated, according to Agnieszka Sztoldman of Osborne Clarke.

The International Trademark Association (INTA) recently submitted a trademark application for the word mark ‘INTA’ with the Ukrainian Patent Office, showing its continuous humanitarian support for the people of the conflict-ridden country.

This move demonstrates the IP community's support for Ukraine and is consistent with earlier initiatives by the EU Intellectual Property Office and other local IP offices to sever ties with the Russian Patent Office and extend the filing deadlines for Ukrainian businesses and individuals. 

The trademark application aligns with INTA's mission to provide IP education and bring together the IP community in Ukraine.  

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