Top five in Latin America


Marcos Fernández-Dávila

Flattering news for Peru: it took fifth place in the first Country Brand Index Latin America study launched by brand consultant FutureBrand, which describes its report as “the world’s largest and longest standing global study of country brand perception”.

Out of 21 countries, Peru was ranked behind Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica and Chile in the index that was put together by surveying more than 2,000 business and leisure travellers from the US, UK, UAE, Australia, India, South Africa, China, Germany, Japan, Russia, Italy, France, Sweden and South Korea.

The country brand is a concept used in marketing and communication to refer to the intangible value of the reputation and image of a country by looking at aspects such as its products, tourism, culture, sports, companies and government agencies, all of which help determine the values associated with a country.

A good country brand, for those who advocate the concept, adds value to the products of that country labelled ‘made in ...’, as well as to its tourism. It helps attract foreign capital, and promotes labour recruitment and its political and cultural influence in the world. As a result, many countries have organisations dedicated to improving their brand image and emphasising their distinguishing qualities. British independent policy adviser Simon Anholt is considered the founder and promoter of this concept.

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