The Who’s Who of patent renewal providers


The Who’s Who of patent renewal providers

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Three million patent applications were filed worldwide in 2016, according to statistics released by the World Intellectual Property Organization’s “Facts and Figures 2017” report, and many more millions of patents are owned by entities across the globe. WIPR reports on the world of patent renewals.

Different countries have different patent rules, payable fees, and renewal processes. Those owning multiple patent families across different jurisdictions are therefore likely to find themselves in need of a system to help keep track of which patents need renewing, where, and when.

Patent renewal companies assume responsibility for staying on top of patent arrangements and paying the renewal fees, each offering their own unique software and services to manage the ongoing exercise of patent management.

WIPR caught up with a selection of providers and their users to find out exactly how patent renewal services work and why they’re worth the investment. We asked each provider to give us a rundown of what makes them stand out, and client contacts to provide a user perspective on their systems. Where we weren’t able to source user comments, we’ve included smaller profiles of the provider.

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