Spies, lies, and videotape: Appian’s $2bn win


Muireann Bolger

Spies, lies, and videotape: Appian’s $2bn win

DCStockPhotography / Shutterstock.com

The ‘eye-catching’ award underscores the value of this protection and could prefigure even harsher penalties, finds Muireann Bolger.

It is every company's nightmare: a spy infiltrates the heart of the business and delivers a potentially fatal strike by stealing its valuable IP.

This was the scenario apparently confronting tech company Appian, which in 2020 said it had discovered that a "spy" had stolen trade secrets.

Appian took action by suing the software company, Pegasystems, for trade secrets theft, and on May 9, a Virginia court delivered a record $2 billion jury verdict in its favour.

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