Profiling the patent searchers


Profiling the patent searchers

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With the help of statistics and client comments, WIPR profiles some of the major players in the patent search industry and examines what makes them stand out.

Cardinal IP: Granular matching and quality controls


  • Patent searches per year (by Cardinal IP): >13,000
  • Clients: >10,000 (Fortune 500 companies, law firms and academic institutions)
  • Fees: Patentability searches: start at $700
  • Clearance/FTO/infringement searches: start at $2,500
  • Invalidity search: $2,500 to upwards of $12,500

More than 150 research experts conduct highly customisable search services at Cardinal IP. The experts have access to more than 100 patent issuing authorities and more than 1,000 non-patent literature databases to find the most relevant prior art to meet clients’ needs. 

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