Patent protection incentive package for Philippine inventors


Ignacio S. Sapalo

To encourage researchers and scientists in higher educational institutions to avail themselves of patent protection for their inventions, the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines launched the PPIP this year.

PPIP (Patent Protection Incentive Package) aims to provide funds to pay for the government fees for patent filing and granting, including the annuity payment required to maintain a patent after its grant. It is a project of the Innovation and Technology Support Office (ITSO).

The patent system was established in the Philippines with the enactment of Republic Act 165 way back in 1947, but since then the number of patent filings by Filipino inventors is embarrassingly low.

Through the PPIP, the IPOPHL is taking up the challenge to increase that number significantly. Clearly, the most effective way would be to generate interest in the IP system among the science and engineering faculties of the country.

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