Copyright infringement through e-books


Manisha Singh Nair

Copyright law was initially conceived to provide protection against the unauthorised reproduction of books in the print media.

With the technological growth and development of novel means of communication and information-sharing however, unprecedented challenges are being faced in protecting the work of authors.

The freedom of access to copyrighted works borders with proper utilisation of these works so that the rights of authors are not infringed. Since copyright gives the owners the exclusive rights in authorising reproduction or publication of their works, it is essential to provide them with control over the exploitation of their works in the new global networks of the information age.

Copyright provides legal protection not only for the original author, but also for the licensees and assignees of the copyright as well as the publishers. Looking at the breadth of stakeholders involved and the fora in which copyright operates, a single work may be used by multiple players in the web of rights that may be created over the digital environment.

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