Confusion over appellations of origin


Decision 486, which regulates the industrial property of member countries in the Andean Community, defines an appellation of origin in Article 201.

It is defined as a geographical indication consisting of the name of a particular country, region, or locality; or of a name which, without being that of a particular country, region, or locality, refers to a specific geographical area, and is used to identify a product originating there. Further, the qualities, reputation, or characteristics of a product must be exclusively or essentially attributable to the geographical environment in which it is produced, including both natural and human factors.

This decision states that in order to provide legal protection, they should avoid the impediments contained in Article 202. The appellations of origin may not be declared if they:

a) Do not conform to the definition contained in Article 201;

Appellations of origin, INDECOPI, Decision 486, Navarra, Navarro