CIPA Congress: a word from the president


Tim Roberts

Ahead of the CIPA Congress in London in October, CIPA president Tim Roberts writes about the organisation's position in the wider world of intellectual property.

What is CIPA?

CIPA is the acronym for the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys. We began life in the 19th century, as innovation took on an increasingly international aspect. The earliest international convention on intellectual property was agreed in Paris in 1883. In 1891, we were granted a Royal Charter. Since then we have concentrated on helping inventors to protect and develop their innovations both in the UK and worldwide.

Our focus has been patents, protecting innovations primarily by patents, but also by means of registered designs, trademarks and other similar statutory schemes. Today, innovation is the prime engine of growth, development and prosperity. Our members provide a wide range of services to innovative businesses to help them to obtain, expand and get the best value from their intellectual property.

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