Business brief 2010: Israel


Michael Factor and Aharon Factor

Israel uses the Nice Version of the International Classification. From September 1, 2010, after implementation of the Madrid Protocol, multi-class applications will be permitted.


Registering patents in Israel is relatively inexpensive, since:

  1. Applications may be filed in English
  2. Excess claim fees are incurred only from the 50th claim onwards
  3. Both US and European-type claim structures are allowed
  4. Up to two independent claims are allowed in each category, e.g. apparatus, method, method of manufacture and Swiss-type use claims
  5. Provided a positive International Preliminary Examination Report has been issued, or claims in a corresponding application have been allowed in Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, the European Patent Office, Germany, Japan, Norway, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom or the United States, then aligning the specification and claims of the Israel application to those allowed in the corresponding application will normally lead to allowance in Israel without examination of novelty, unity, adequate disclosure and inventive step.

Unless there is significant substantive examination, the cost from filing to grant will typically be approximately $3,000.

Business brief, IP rights