Big is beautiful: how Adams & Adams is taking on the world


Big is beautiful: how Adams & Adams is taking on the world

With the takeover of Bowman Gilfillan’s IP practice on March 1, South African firm Adams & Adams became the largest intellectual property outfit in Africa. WIPR goes behind the scenes.

Financial crisis? What financial crisis? While many law firms have struggled in the face of rising costs and falling revenues, some high-performers in Africa have benefi ted from increased opportunity and investment across the continent which, coupled with more robust IP protection, has led to a comparative boom in work.

Adams & Adams is South Africa’s largest IP firm and, with its takeover of Bowman Gilfillan’s IP practice, now boasts 85 IP attorneys. Alongside this numerical expansion, the firm has also branched out geographically, now also opening offices in Tanzania and Burundi to signal its continental ambitions.

Dario Tanziani (above right), chair of Adams & Adams, says the merger with Bowman Gilfillan’s IP practice “makes perfect sense” for both parties.“The IP industry is becoming very competitive in light of the economic circumstances,” he says. “One way to increase our market share is to take on a good practice. It means we can achieve economies of scale and boost our market share and our bottom line.”

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