Are you tech-ready for the upturn?


Matt Powell and Mehrdad Assadi

Matt Powell and Mehrdad Assadi discuss the importance of optimising your practice software to help maximise the effect of any economic upturn.

While the global economy begins to show the early signs of recovery, the capabilities of today’s enterprise software solutions are also growing, and businesses worldwide are becoming more alert to the importance of understanding and harnessing the competitive advantages open to them via their optimised use of the tools available.

Smart software developers are reinvesting resources and profits to ensure they can offer the very best in terms of service and functionality within their domains, while aligning strategies to embrace and deliver future technologies. This assists the supplier in providing a clear competitive advantage to its clients, making excellent business sense for the licensee and solution-provider alike, by forging close partnerships via a vested mutual interest in success and a measurable return on investment.

Forward-thinking businesses have, of course, always had in mind the need to maximise potential from their use of technology, although it has, perhaps, never been as high on their agendas as it is today. For IP businesses especially, notwithstanding the need to climb out of recession, the continued move towards the globalisation of procedures means that, now more than ever, the need to capitalise fully on any available technological business edge is essential.

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