An informed choice: law firms in China


One of the most commonly cited barriers to doing business effectively in China is the sheer size of the country. Knowing the legal market is crucial to ensure you have the right representation. WIPR takes a look.

While rankings of law firms in China are helpful as far as they go (and WIPR may do them in the future), the diversity, number and strengths of the various operators in the country limit how comprehensive they can really be. There are certainly firms that can provide an exhaustive service whatever the IP issue, but others should not be overlooked just because their strengths lie in more specific areas.

There’s also the nationality question. There are, broadly speaking, three types of intellectual property firms in China. There are the local firms, the internationals and the local firms with clear, fixed international links. They all have roles to play in providing legal advice to clients, but those roles are evolving rapidly. In 10 years’ time, the situation may be quite different.


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