AIPPI: Moving away from technological neutrality


Sarah Matheson

AIPPI: Moving away from technological neutrality

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Sarah Matheson of AIPPI reviews the organisation’s report on the state of protection of computer-implemented inventions around the world, and the trend revealed by the results.

One of the roles of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) is conducting studies of existing laws and proposing measures to achieve harmonisation on an international basis. These studies may be conducted by its international standing committees, whose role it is to monitor and comment on matters relevant to their respective terms of reference.

AIPPI’s standing committee on information technology (IT) and the internet has produced a timely and important report on the current situation around the world on the protection of computer-implemented inventions (CIIs).

Why is this report timely? While the patentability of computer software-related inventions has been the subject of debate among intellectual property users and IT experts for many years, patent-eligible subject matter more generally is currently one of the most vexed issues of patent law across a number of jurisdictions and technologies.

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