Dr. Esther Luzzatto

Dr. Esther Luzzatto

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Esther Luzzatto
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Talking to clients daily for over 30 years, Esther (Eti) has acquired a unique panoramic view of the commercial and intellectual property landscape in Israel and abroad. She works in the field of chemistry, along with the daily management of The Luzzatto Group’s activities.
Esther guides clients early in their IP journey and accompanies them through their venture’s lifecycle.

Having worked extensively with leading entities in the Israeli economy, hi-tech, and beyond, Esther acts as a mentor, judge in high-tech competitions, and an intellectual property consultant for various entities. 
As of July 2023, Esther serves as the chairwoman of the Council for the Advancement of Women in Science and Technology. The Council operates under the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology. It aims to coordinate between private, public, and international bodies to promote, integrate, and increase the scope of women engaged in professions based on science and technology and improve their status in these fields.

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