Alexis Black

Key Details

Alexis Black
IP advisor
Canadian Intellectual Property Office


Alexis Black is deeply passionate about her role as an IP advisor and educator with the Canadian government at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and, in 2018, her contributions earned her team a Deputy Ministers’ Award of Merit for the programming developed specifically for IP education in Canada. For almost five years as a public servant, Black has worked with hundreds of innovators from across the country. She works directly with several incubators and accelerators to develop and deliver IP programming for their memberships. For the Accelerator Centre in Waterloo, Canada, Black acts as a formal mentor and specialist, and assists in creating and delivering customised IP education content. Black isn’t a lawyer or patent agent, but has been studying the subject of IP business strategy for about half a decade. She has attended McGill University’s summer IP educational courses, and has taken online courses through the World Intellectual Property Organization’s online educational programme.